Accordian Overspray Collector

Andreae accordion-style filters are the standard when it comes to accordion-style filters.  Utilizing a convenient, expandable cardboard design, these filters offer an excellent solution for paint booth exhaust filtration.

  • Accordion-style expandable design that is easy to store
  • Simple, but effective cardboard filtration
  • Available in a variety of standard sizes

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions50 × 12 × 5 in


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    EVERCOAT 813
    Maxim Medium Set Adhesive

    Excellent gunability in hot and cold temperatures. Designed for replacing door skins, roofs, quarter panels, truck bedsides, utility vehicles sides, and other non-structural panels. Excellent adhesion for metal-to-metal, metal-to-SMC and SMC to SMC

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    Aerolsol Primer – Black

    Select Shade Dual Prime is a dual purpose high build specialty coating designed for priming and surfacing of metal and plastic parts. This primer helps prevent rust and seals out moisture while providing a base for topcoating. The RS-570 series boasts excellent .exibility and adhesion so it can be applied on both .exible and rigid parts. Select Shade dries fast, has excellent build and is easy to sand. Paintable in 20 minutes.

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    3M 08115
    Panel Bonding Adhesive, 200Ml Syringe

    Two-part epoxy used to bond steel, aluminum, SMC, and FRP (traditional fiberglass). The primary use is to replace quarter panels, roofs, box sides, van sides, utility vehicle sides and door skins. Use with Premium Manual Applicator 200ml 08117, 3M Static Mixing Nozzle 08193.

    This product is also sold in our 400 ml size as SMC/FRP Repair – 90, 08274

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    Body Filler, Fiberglass & Putty

    EVERCOAT 498
    Fiberglass Resin

    Heavy, thixotropic formula that will not run or sag and will cure to a non-tacky surface. Wets out mat and cloth quickly. Can be filed, sanded or drilled. Impact resistant. Waterproof. Use with fiberglass mat, cloth or tape to rebuild and repair. Liquid hardener included.

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    Body Filler, Fiberglass & Putty


    Shot Strand Fibres & Kevlar reinforced Polyester
    • Waterproof
    • Easy to spread
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Superior Adhesion
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    PPS Systems

    3M 16300
    PPS Standard With 125 Micron Filters

    Kit contains 50 disposable lids with 125 micron filters, 50 disposable liners, and 20 sealing plugs. The 125 micron filters are recommended for water borne paint or primer applications. Graduated measurement to 20.3 oz/600 mL when used with mix ratio film insert (mix ratio inserts sold separately). For use with part number 16001.

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    NORTON 6166
    Bear-tex Thin Flex Scuff Pads- Maroon

    • Extremely flexible and highly durable
    • Great for use in tight space and on contoured surfaces
    • Use for fine finishing and surface preparation
    • A special coating process ensures the grain is exposed for superior and consistent cutting action that is second to none
    • Lasts longer than competitive pads
    • Consistent scratch pattern
    • Use before primer and on primed surfaces
    • 25 pads
    • Size: 4-1/2” x 9”
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    PPS Systems

    SATA 1010389

    SATA® RPS™ – The disposable cup system for mixing and painting

    SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) is the ideal cup system for shops focusing on perfect finishes and high profitability.

    One cup – four functions

    • mix paint
    • paint
    • refill the paint
    • store the paint


    With only three components!

    SATA RPS consists of 3 components only which means less handling efforts and thus, less expenditure of time.

    • a cup
    • a lid
    • a sieve


    No additional components are necessary. There is no other cup system with the same functions but with three components only!


    The cleaning of the cup is not necessary with SATA RPS, thus saving time, cleaning agents and cost. Perfect colour match and perfect paint jobs reduce time and cost intensive rework. And the very few components additionally facilitate the entire work process – simplicity pays.


    Contrary to other disposable cup systems, SATA RPS does not require any adapter in combination with SATA paint spray guns. Therefore, the spray gun can be easily and reliably cleaned. RPS adapters – For older SATA paint spray guns and spray guns of other manufactures spray gun adapters are available.

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