Accordian Overspray Collector

  • It comes collapsed in a box containing a 36 inch high 30 feet long filter.
  • Lasts 3 to 5 times longer than fiberglass filters.
  • Paint particles are captured and retained outside the air stream in the holding pockets.
  • Captures 98.1% of Bake Enamel High Solids and holds 4 lbs. per sq. ft. of overspray.

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Weight2.27 lbs
Dimensions50 × 10.16 × 50 in


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    DURAFIL C-7700
    Clear-Fil Urethane Clearcoat

    CLEAR-FIL C-7700 is a Low VOC, two component, High Performance Urethane Clearcoat. The unique Low VOC formulation of C-7700 is ideal for day-to-day multi-panel and overall repairs. This clearcoat will deliver a rich, durable, long-lasting, high gloss finish with exceptional
    DOI everytime! C-7700 hardness and polishing properties while leaving behind a smooth, be used over solvent and waterbased basecoats and offers you the choice of air dry or force dry applications. We offer a range of fast to slow dry Hardeners, H-7701, H-7702, H-7703, to meet your various
    speed-of-dry requirements. Select the appropriate hardener according to temperature and the size of the surface to which it will be applied to extract the optimum performance from the Low VOC C-7700 High Performance Urethane Clearcoat system.

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    Body Filler, Fiberglass & Putty

    EVERCOAT 411
    Flexible Polyester Putty

    A flexible polyester glazing putty designed for spot filling and skim coating over repair areas on flexible bumpers and plastic parts. Its flowable viscosity is ideal for filling minor imperfections such as sand scratches, nicks, dings and gouges. Poly-Flex™ may also be used to skim coat over repair areas or large surface areas that have the original paint still intact. Blue cream hardener included.

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    DURAFIL C-9500
    Turbo-Fil Fast Dry Urethane Clearcoat

    TURBO-FIL &-9500 is a high performance, Low VOC Fast Dry
    Urethane Clearcoat. This ultra fast dry, two component
    clearcoat should be your choice of clear for the day-to-day spot and panel repairs. The unique Low VOC formulation of the C-9500 is ideal for those small repair surfaces when speed is what you need …fast cure and tape times. No waiting required between coats for this clearcoat … apply wet-on-wet. C-9500 will deliver a rich, high gloss, durable, long-lasting finish with exceptional DOI everytime! It has been formulated with premium ingredients and offers you the choice of air dry or force dry applications. C-9500 can be applied over both waterbased and solvent basecoats. It will provide you
    with excellent application, flow, levelling, hardeness, and
    polishing properties. We recommend using the H-9501 Fast Dry Hardener along with the R-121 Fast Reducer when speed is what you need; however, we also offer the H-9502, and H-9503 Hardeners along with three speeds of dry Reducers, just in case this clearcoat is too fast for you!

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    Paint Guns

    DEVILBISS 703567
    Prolite Gun Only 1.2/3/4 Tekna

    Any Climate.

    • Optimized performance in climates varying from hot and humid to cold and dry
    • Three air caps developed using advanced fluid dynamics technology for excellent atomization
    • Packaged as a solution with multiple components allowing the painter to adapt to changing environments

    Any Paint.

    • Excellent for solvent-based coatings and a must for waterborne
    • Fully protected outside and inside for high corrosion resistance — gun coating has non-stick properties
    • High transfer efficiency for material savings
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    PPS Systems

    SATA 1011973

    SATA® RPS™ – The disposable cup system for mixing and painting

    SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) is the ideal cup system for shops focusing on perfect finishes and high profitability.

    One cup – four functions

    • mix paint
    • paint
    • refill the paint
    • store the paint


    With only three components!

    SATA RPS consists of 3 components only which means less handling efforts and thus, less expenditure of time.

    • a cup
    • a lid
    • a sieve


    No additional components are necessary. There is no other cup system with the same functions but with three components only!


    The cleaning of the cup is not necessary with SATA RPS, thus saving time, cleaning agents and cost. Perfect colour match and perfect paint jobs reduce time and cost intensive rework. And the very few components additionally facilitate the entire work process – simplicity pays.


    Contrary to other disposable cup systems, SATA RPS does not require any adapter in combination with SATA paint spray guns. Therefore, the spray gun can be easily and reliably cleaned. RPS adapters – For older SATA paint spray guns and spray guns of other manufactures spray gun adapters are available.

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    RUBBER-SEAL 6500- 2.1 Voc European Clearcoat

    MRS-6500 European Clearcoat 2.1 V.O.C. is a 50 state compliant clearcoat that is formulated for bake and air dry environments.  This clearcoat can be sanded and buffed in 2-3 hours in air dry environments.  Bake time 30 minutes @ 140 F (60 C). MRS-6500 is formulated for single and multi-panel application.  Excellent buff ability next day.  Activated with MRS-6300 series activators.  2:1 mix ratio

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    3M 07447
    Maroon Scotch-Brite

    For scuffing before applying paint and primer-surfacer. Also used for used car reconditioning. cleaning upholstery, headlines and door pads, chrome and white wall tires. Rinses clean and does not rust. Can be used over and over again.

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