DURAFIL CF-125.5- Clean-Fil Silicone &Wax Remover (5-Gallon)

$ 213.73 $ 192.35

CLEAN-FIL CF-125 is a Low VOC Silicone & Wax Remover
formulated to quickly and easily remove silicones, oil, waxes,
grease, overspray, adhesives, engine oil, fingerprints, and other
contaminants from surfaces to be refinished. CF-125 can be
applied to metal, undercoats, plastics, fiberglass, and cured or
dried automotive painted finishes. CF-125 is packaged
ready-to-use and has been designed to be used before sanding,
taping, priming, and sealing and should also be applied to the
repair surface as a final wash prior to applying a topcoat.


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