DURAFIL R-122.5- Fast-Fil Medium Reducer (5-Gallon)

$ 245.28 $ 220.75

FAST-FIL R-121 / MEDIUM-FIL R-122 / SLOW-FIL R-123 are
Low VOC, 250 g/L or less, Reducers designed to be used in all
solvent based IIK urethane primers, urethane, acrylic enamel,
and air dry enamel paint systems, basecoat paints, and
clearcoats. These Reducers will provide you with the optimal
spray viscosity, and flow properties necessary to extract the
optimal performance from any solvent based system. You have
a choice of three speeds of dry Reducers from Fast to Slow dry
R-121/R-122/R-123 to meet your speed of dry requirements.
Select the appropriate speed of dry Reducer according to
temperature and size of the repair surface to extract the optimum
performance from any two component, Low VOC solventborne


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