Flexi-Grip Adhesion Promoter(quart)

A fast tacking adhesion promoter for all types of plastic and rubber parts. Provides a good surface for primer or paint to adhere. To be used on unpainted plastic or rubber parts before painting. Also provides outstanding adhesion of bumper repair materials (such as RS-7001 or RS7107) on problem plastics. Use with RS-620 Flexi-Clean or RS-597 Flexi-Clean Aerosol for optimum results.

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions9 × 4 × 4 in


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    Paint Guns

    SATA 209874
    Satajet 5000 RP 1.3 Tip

    Ergonomics at its finest
    The design of SATAjet 5000 B has been created by the experts at the Porsche Design Studio who have translated pure functionality into aesthetic form together with the specialists at SATA. Due to the optimized shape of the gun handle, the spray gun fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. In addition, the gun handle of the DIGITAL version is identical in size to the standard model which makes it the perfect spray gun for all painters, regardless of the size of their hands.
    Easy to operate
    Our quest for excellent ergonomics however has not only influenced the development of the gun handle, but equally the design of spray fan control, material flow control as well as the air micrometer. Robust but still low in weight, this spray gun offers a perfect combination of ease of application and durability. SATAjet 5000 B. The ultimate spray equipment.
    Product Benefits
    • Optimized nozzle concept for highest possible versatility concerning Inlet Pressure and spray distance
    • Ergonomically shaped gun handle
    • Pearl chrome™ surface for easy cleaning, corrosion resistant
    • Easy to adjust control elements
    • Safely positioned trigger sleeve – for easy, safe and quick insertion of the paint needle
    • Swivel joint with new high performance seal
    • Identical compact-size gun handle for non-DIGITAL and DIGITAL spray guns
    • Optimized half-turn spray fan control
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    Flexible Grey Primer

    Fill-N-Flex Primer – GREY

    Fill and Flex Primer is a fast-drying, sandable primer for all types of flexible, rigid and metal parts. It dries to sand in 5-10 minutes and featheredges better than most aerosol primers.

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    Adhesive Tape

    3M 06385
    Nameplate Repair Rape, Grey

    • Thin attachment tape offers flush application of emblems and nameplates
    • Closed cell acrylic foam tape delivers stress relaxation under load
    • Narrow profile offers high conformability
    • High performance adhesive on both sides delivers high peel and shear adhesion
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    Adhesive Tape

    3M 09678
    Soft Edge Mask Foam Tape 13Mmx55M

    • Helps avoid hard paint lines in the jamb areas
    • Adhesive is repositionable
    • Ideal for jamb masking and sealing other areas during painting
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    RM LC4800
    Spot Clear

    Limco LC4800 Low 2.0 VOC Express Clear is a two component, 250 gms/liter VOC compliant fast acrylic urethane clear for use over Limco Supreme PLUS low VOC basecoat colors. It is designed to accommodate fast air-dry and quick bake conditions, increasing the productivity and profitability for the repair facility. It is ideal for spot and panel repairs with easy application and good appearance.

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    Best Sellers

    CARWORX 134.860
    3/4″ Blue Masking Tape

    Area of application : Professional masking tape for paint shops. Thin backing. Waterproof and temperature stable up to 120 ° C (284 ° F).

    48 Rolls per Case

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    Masking Tape

    CARWORX 134.814

    An economical masking tape designed for production shops. Crepe backing, will not leave any residue when removed and temperature stable up to 80°C (176°F).


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