Fiberglass Resin

Heavy, thixotropic formula that will not run or sag and will cure to a non-tacky surface. Wets out mat and cloth quickly. Can be filed, sanded or drilled. Impact resistant. Waterproof. Use with fiberglass mat, cloth or tape to rebuild and repair. Liquid hardener included.

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Weight10.67 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 10.25 in


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    Plastic Sheeting

    3M 06742
    Overspray Sheeting 20ft x 250ft

    • Durable sheet stays intact during painting
    • Resists paint flaking
    • Clings to vehicle with centre printing for easy alignment
    • Available in a variety of sizes to protect different sized vehicles
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    Epoxy Primer

    DURAFIL EP-120.B
    Epoxy-Fil Black Epoxy Primer

    EPOXY-FIL EP-120 is a premium quality, chromate free, Low VOC epoxy primer. EPOXY-FIL primers have been formulated with premium ingredients and direct to metal technology to provide you with the ultimate performance. These two component, primers are zinc oxide and zinc phosphate based and are available in gray, white and black. EP-120 primers are corrosion inhabitable primers that can be applied wet-on-wet directly to properly prepared bare metal, aluminum, cured paint, fibreglass, bodyfillers, sanded original and SMC surfaces. These versatile primers offer a high film build, excellent anti-corrosion, sag resistance, adhesion, leavelling, and sanding properties with excellent colour  hold out! EPOXY-FIL  offer excellent adhesion and corrosion protection, resulting in a smooth and durable finsh every time!

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    Paint Guns

    CARWORX 160.350.1
    Optimum 350 HVLP Primer Gun 1.8MM & 2.2MM

    High Volume Low Pressure Air Spray Gun (HVLP)

    Characteristics : HVLP gravity spray gun for high quality finishes. Specifically designed for car refinishing. The air cap, needle and nozzle are all made of stainless steel and are suitable for use with the latest waterborne paints.

    Optimum 350

    Optimum 350 – for Primer

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    DURAFIL P-850
    Prime Fil 2K Urethane Primer- Grey

    PRIME-FIL P850 is a premium, Low VOC IIK Urethane Primer
    that has been formulated with premium ingredients to provide
    you with the ultimate in performance. P850 is a high solids,
    two component system designed to deliver a high film build,
    superior adhesion, application, levelling, and sanding
    properties. This easy to use urethane primer also provides
    excellent weather and corrosion resitance properties. P850 will
    adhere to properly prepared bare metal, galvanized steel,
    aluminum, plastic, sanded original finishes, and fiberglass.
    P850 is designed to offer excellent sag resistance and
    featheredging properties, resulting in a smooth, durable finish. It
    can be topcoated with any manufacturers’ topcoat paint
    system. You have a choice of three different speeds of
    Hardeners, H-851/H-852/H-853 from fast to slow dry and three
    speeds of Reducers, R-121/R-122/R-123 to meet your speed of
    dry requirements.

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    PROFORM 127-2
    Revolution Putty

    A premium polyester finishing putty. Ideal for spot repairs or glazing. It has an extra smooth texture that provides superior spreading and sanding qualities. Use over sanded topcoats or primers, or on regular and galvanized steel. Cream hardener included.

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    EVERCOAT 887
    Maxim Fast Urethane Adhesive

    MAXIM™ Fast Urethane Adhesive is a urethane repair material used for non-structural repairs on all plastics, fiberglass and SMC. It is an excellent urethane adhesive for bonding bumper brackets, backing strips, broken SMC/fiberglass pieces and other broken plastic pieces. It is the ideal product when a fast cure time is required (i.e. backside of a two-sided repair.)

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    Best Sellers

    NORTON 31054
    4″ Blaze Rapid Strip Discs TR

    Norton Blaze Rapid Strip TR+ Disc 4″ X 1/2″
    Norton Blaze Rapid Strip discs are constructed with thick, strong synthetic fibers and extra-coarse ceramic alumina abrasive. The open web construction of the disc provides fast cutting action with very little loading. Safer than wire bristle tools, Norton Blaze Rapid Strip aggressively removes rust and paint from drip moldings, pinch welds, door jambs, seams and other difficult to reach areas. The TR+ attachment system allows for rugged cleaning in tight areas.
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    Masking Tape

    CARWORX 134.814

    An economical masking tape designed for production shops. Crepe backing, will not leave any residue when removed and temperature stable up to 80°C (176°F).


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