NORTON 31555
6″ P500B Velcro A275 Champagne Discs


·         30% – 50% gains in cut rate, far less loading on the job and greater worklife.

·         Entirely new level of work speed is attainable.

·         Agressive sanding action isn`t easily dulled.

·         New anti-loading agent which actually throws dust from the grain as it cuts.

·         New latex-reinforced backing can withstand whatever job torture you throw at it.

·         Unparalled speed, scratch consistency and an overall quality of finish never before achieved.


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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 × 4 in


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    2K Urethane Primer

    RS-796 is a Super Versatile Two Component Urethane Primer/Surfacer/Sealer. RS-796 Primer comes in a high viscosity form that after activation can be reduced in various levels to use as a super high build primer/surfacer, medium build primer/surfacer, or a sealer. This primer is extremely fast drying and when sufficiently dry, it sands easily without loading sandpaper. RS-796 can also be sprayed directly on the underside of properly cleaned new E-Coat body parts without sanding, saving hours of preparation time. With corrosion protection built in, this primer eliminates the need for self-etch primer on cut through and other small bare metal areas. Excellent adhesion and solvent resistance with all topcoat paint systems.

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    3M 06396
    4298 Adhesion Promoter Sponge

    3M 06396, Automotive Adhesion Promoter Wipes

    • Box of 25 Packets


    3M Adhesion Promoter 06396 is a liquid primer used for most low surface energy plastics. This would include common low surface energy plastics used for automotive dash and interior trim applications (TPO, PPO, PP, PC, PC + ABS, etc.). 25 Individual Packages per Box.

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    Masking Tape

    CARWORX 134.820
    3/4″ Orange Masking Tape

    Area of application : Professional masking tape for paint shops. Thin backing. Waterproof and temperature stable up to 120 ° C (284 ° F).

    48 Rolls per Case

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    3M 08219
    SMC/Fibreglass 35min Repair Adhesive

    The 3M 8219, Automix / Fiberglass Repair Adhesiveis a two-part urethane adhesive that is used to bond SMC and FRP (traditional fiberglass) body panels to each other and to metal. It is designed to bond composite and metal to each other, along with metal to metal applications. Requires 3M 08117, Applicator Gun to apply.

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    6" Velcro Sandpaper

    3M 34446
    70mm x 12mm P180 Velcro Cubitron II

    Use these 180+ grade sheets for sanding plastic filler, rough featheredging or the final sanding step before priming. Built with patented 3M Cubitron™ II precision shaped abrasive grains, these sheet roll abrasives cut faster and last longer than other sandpapers.

    These sheet rolls feature our unique kiss-cut scorring technology which enables users to be cleanly and easily converted into multiple sheet-lengths. For maximum dust removal, 3M has added hundreds of small holes which have been purposely arranged in a chevron formation.

    The triangular-shaped ceramic grains of Cubitron™ II are electrostatically oriented to form sharp peaks, each acting like an individual cutting tool that slices through paint and body filler, wearing evenly, and providing long life.

    70 mm x 12 m

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    Painter Supplies


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    3M 07447
    Maroon Scotch-Brite

    For scuffing before applying paint and primer-surfacer. Also used for used car reconditioning. cleaning upholstery, headlines and door pads, chrome and white wall tires. Rinses clean and does not rust. Can be used over and over again.

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    Best Sellers

    (3M 06085|3M 06064|3M 06068)

    3M – Perfect It Buffing & Polishing Compound 06085 06064 06068

    • 3M 06085 is a fast cutting rubbing compound designed remove sand scratches and leaves a fine finish on automotive paints.
    • 3M 06064 is a high Performance Machine Polish. Quickly and effectively removes compound swirl marks and produces an outstanding finish. Good handling, easy cleanup.
    • 3M 06068 produces a swirl free finish even on black vehicles. Quickly and effectively removes fine machine polish swirls. Outstanding finish. The unique formula eliminates swirl marks and produces a high gloss finish, even on the most difficult dark colored vehicles.
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