NORTON 31558
6″ P320B Velcro A275 Champagne Discs


·         30% – 50% gains in cut rate, far less loading on the job and greater worklife.

·         Entirely new level of work speed is attainable.

·         Agressive sanding action isn`t easily dulled.

·         New anti-loading agent which actually throws dust from the grain as it cuts.

·         New latex-reinforced backing can withstand whatever job torture you throw at it.

·         Unparalled speed, scratch consistency and an overall quality of finish never before achieved.

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 × 4 in


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    3M 06396
    4298 Adhesion Promoter Sponge

    3M 06396, Automotive Adhesion Promoter Wipes

    • Box of 25 Packets


    3M Adhesion Promoter 06396 is a liquid primer used for most low surface energy plastics. This would include common low surface energy plastics used for automotive dash and interior trim applications (TPO, PPO, PP, PC, PC + ABS, etc.). 25 Individual Packages per Box.

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    Booth Filters

    DAFCO 11371
    M3 Panel 20X20 – 24 Per Case

    The M3 Panel is constructed using two layers of polyester media sealed over a heavy gauge metal wire support frame.

    Air entering side (white) consists of a dry layer while the air exit side (green) features a non-migrating adhesive to trap fine dust particles in the filter.

    • Most economical intake filter
    • Self Sealing-eliminates air by-pass
    • Excellent dust holding capacity
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    EVERCOAT 622

    EVERGLASS is a multi-fiber reinforced body repair filler ideal for filling holes, rusted metal, body seams, welds and shattered fiberglass.

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    RUBBER-SEAL 6500- 2.1 Voc European Clearcoat

    MRS-6500 European Clearcoat 2.1 V.O.C. is a 50 state compliant clearcoat that is formulated for bake and air dry environments.  This clearcoat can be sanded and buffed in 2-3 hours in air dry environments.  Bake time 30 minutes @ 140 F (60 C). MRS-6500 is formulated for single and multi-panel application.  Excellent buff ability next day.  Activated with MRS-6300 series activators.  2:1 mix ratio

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    DURAFIL C-7700
    Clear-Fil Urethane Clearcoat

    CLEAR-FIL C-7700 is a Low VOC, two component, High Performance Urethane Clearcoat. The unique Low VOC formulation of C-7700 is ideal for day-to-day multi-panel and overall repairs. This clearcoat will deliver a rich, durable, long-lasting, high gloss finish with exceptional
    DOI everytime! C-7700 hardness and polishing properties while leaving behind a smooth, be used over solvent and waterbased basecoats and offers you the choice of air dry or force dry applications. We offer a range of fast to slow dry Hardeners, H-7701, H-7702, H-7703, to meet your various
    speed-of-dry requirements. Select the appropriate hardener according to temperature and the size of the surface to which it will be applied to extract the optimum performance from the Low VOC C-7700 High Performance Urethane Clearcoat system.

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    DURAFIL CF-125
    Silicone and wax remover

    CLEAN-FIL CF-125 is a Low VOC Silicone & Wax Remover
    formulated to quickly and easily remove silicones, oil, waxes,
    grease, overspray, adhesives, engine oil, fingerprints, and other
    contaminants from surfaces to be refinished. CF-125 can be
    applied to metal, undercoats, plastics, fiberglass, and cured or
    dried automotive painted finishes. CF-125 is packaged
    ready-to-use and has been designed to be used before sanding,
    taping, priming, and sealing and should also be applied to the
    repair surface as a final wash prior to applying a topcoat.

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    6" Velcro Sandpaper

    CARWORX 142.609

    OPTIMUM GOLD VELCRO DISC is a premium quality sandpaper with an excellent cutting performance and a longer lasting life. Ideal for contour sanding.

    100 UNITS/BOX

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