Bear-tex Thin Flex Scuff Pads- Grey

  • Extremely flexible and highly durable
  • Great for use in tight space and on contoured surfaces
  • Use for fine finishing and surface preparation
  • A special coating process ensures the grain is exposed for superior and consistent cutting action that is second to none
  • Lasts longer than competitive pads
  • Consistent scratch pattern
  • Use before primer and on primed surfaces
  • 25 pads
  • Size: 4-1/2” x 9”


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Additional information

Weight1.13 lbs
Dimensions10 × 7 × 7 in


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    CARWORX 134.454
    Elastic Fine White Putty (2KG)

    For filling imperfections and shallow dents, provides a smooth non-porous surface.

    Due to its thixotropic properties, it can fill deeper dents, and insures a low abrasive consumption, very easy sanding.

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    3M 02085
    6″ Trizact Hookit P3000

    Patterned, precise mineral structures give Trizact™ abrasives the combination of fast cut and consistent finish every time. Use P1000 foam blending discs for scuff sanding blend panels prior to painting. Use P1500 clearcoat sanding discs for leveling dust nibs and sanding of mismatched orange peel. Finally, use P3000 foam disc for removing P1200-P1500 grade sand scratches prior to use of 3M™ Perfect-It™ polishing system. Foam disc used in a spot repair system for removing sanding scratches before using rubbing compound.

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    Best Sellers

    (3M 06085|3M 06064|3M 06068)

    3M – Perfect It Buffing & Polishing Compound 06085 06064 06068

    • 3M 06085 is a fast cutting rubbing compound designed remove sand scratches and leaves a fine finish on automotive paints.
    • 3M 06064 is a high Performance Machine Polish. Quickly and effectively removes compound swirl marks and produces an outstanding finish. Good handling, easy cleanup.
    • 3M 06068 produces a swirl free finish even on black vehicles. Quickly and effectively removes fine machine polish swirls. Outstanding finish. The unique formula eliminates swirl marks and produces a high gloss finish, even on the most difficult dark colored vehicles.
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    Polishing Pads & Compounds

    CARWORX 120.104.1
    Optimal Swirl Remover (1L)

    Optimal Swirl Remover is a specially formulated super fine compound designed to polish out paint imperfections on all paint finishes and residual swirls marks on problem colour dark paint finishes.

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    EVERCOAT 156
    Lightweight Body Filler

    Our #1 selling, high-quality, clog-free, lighweight body filler is a great value with its smooth spreading, easy sanding features. Non-clog formula adds greater value in sandpaper savings. Blue cream hardener included.

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    6" Velcro Sandpaper

    NORTON 31566
    6″ P80B Velcro A275 Champagne Discs


    ·         30% – 50% gains in cut rate, far less loading on the job and greater worklife.

    ·         Entirely new level of work speed is attainable.

    ·         Agressive sanding action isn`t easily dulled.

    ·         New anti-loading agent which actually throws dust from the grain as it cuts.

    ·         New latex-reinforced backing can withstand whatever job torture you throw at it.

    ·         Unparalled speed, scratch consistency and an overall quality of finish never before achieved.

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    9" X 11" Sandpaper

    NORTON 31620
    P1000B A275 Magnum Sheets (9×11 Sheet)

    For dry sanding old paint, primer, primer surfacer, and
    between-color coats; also for deburring, removing sand
    scratches, shaping and finishing plastic filler, and featheredging
    repaired areas. Special No-Fil coating prevents
    premature loading. Can be cut into halves or thirds to fit neatly on jitterbug sanders.

    50 per package. Price per package.

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