SATA 209874
Satajet 5000 RP 1.3 Tip

Ergonomics at its finest
The design of SATAjet 5000 B has been created by the experts at the Porsche Design Studio who have translated pure functionality into aesthetic form together with the specialists at SATA. Due to the optimized shape of the gun handle, the spray gun fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. In addition, the gun handle of the DIGITAL version is identical in size to the standard model which makes it the perfect spray gun for all painters, regardless of the size of their hands.
Easy to operate
Our quest for excellent ergonomics however has not only influenced the development of the gun handle, but equally the design of spray fan control, material flow control as well as the air micrometer. Robust but still low in weight, this spray gun offers a perfect combination of ease of application and durability. SATAjet 5000 B. The ultimate spray equipment.
Product Benefits
  • Optimized nozzle concept for highest possible versatility concerning Inlet Pressure and spray distance
  • Ergonomically shaped gun handle
  • Pearl chrome™ surface for easy cleaning, corrosion resistant
  • Easy to adjust control elements
  • Safely positioned trigger sleeve – for easy, safe and quick insertion of the paint needle
  • Swivel joint with new high performance seal
  • Identical compact-size gun handle for non-DIGITAL and DIGITAL spray guns
  • Optimized half-turn spray fan control

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Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions12 × 8 × 6 in


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    Wholesale Automotive Clear Coat & Hardener


    2.1 VOC Hardener – Fast for Matrix MSV-21 2.1 VOC Clearcoat

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    PPS Cups System

    3M 16024
    PPS Large Kit – Liner/Lid/ Plug

    Kit contains 25 disposable lids with 200 micron filters, 25 disposable liners, and 10 sealing plugs. The 200 micron filters are recommended for traditional solvent based paint or primer applications. Graduated measurement to 28 oz/840 mL. when used with with mix ratio film insert (mix ratio film inserts are sold separately) For use with part number 16023 or 16124

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    Wholesale Automotive Clear Coat & Hardener

    CARWORX 190.101
    Bullet Clear (Gallon)


    Carworx 2.1 VOC Bullet is a high production clearcoat system developed for spot repair and one panel repair. This 4:1 mix clearcoat is a 3 coat system that can be sanded and buffed in 20-25 minutes air dry or baked for 5 minutes at 130°F(54.4°C) metal temperature.

    It is a 4:1 mix withActivator (#191.101)

    Applied in 3 light coats wet-on-wet with no flash times between coats.

    *Hardener must be ordered separately*

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    Wholesale Body Shop Paint Supplies

    EVERCOAT 783
    Pint Mixing Cups

    Quality plastic cup designed to make mixing of primers, topcoats and clearcoats easier and faster. Economical enough to be disposable, but durable enough to be washed and reused time and time again. Keeps mixing mistakes to a minimum.

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    Wholesale Automotive Clear Coat & Hardener

    2.1 VOC Urethane Clearcoat

    MSV-21 2.1 VOC Urethane Clearcoat is a low VOC clear designed for general refinish work. MSV-21 is an easy to apply medium solids clear. MSV-21 2.1
    VOC Urethane Clearcoat is versatile and delivers a productive, high gloss finish.


    • MHV-21F 2.1 VOC Fast Hardener
    • MHV-21N 2.1 VOC Normal Hardener
    • MHV-21S 2.1 VOC Slow Hardener

    *Hardener must be ordered separately*

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    Adhesive Tape

    3M 06385
    Nameplate Repair Rape, Grey

    • Thin attachment tape offers flush application of emblems and nameplates
    • Closed cell acrylic foam tape delivers stress relaxation under load
    • Narrow profile offers high conformability
    • High performance adhesive on both sides delivers high peel and shear adhesion
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    9" X 11" Auto Sandpaper

    NORTON 31622
    P600B A275 Magnum Sheets (9X11 Sheet)

    For dry sanding old paint, primer, primer surfacer, and
    between-color coats; also for deburring, removing sand
    scratches, shaping and finishing plastic filler, and featheredging
    repaired areas. Special No-Fil coating prevents
    premature loading. Can be cut into halves or thirds to fit neatly on jitterbug sanders.

    100 discs per package. Price per package.

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    Wholesale Automotive Clear Coat & Hardener

    RM LH604
    Medium Hardener

    Low VOC Medium Hardener
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