3M 34444- 70mm x 12mm P120 Velcro Cubitron II

$ 69.92 $ 62.93

Use these 120+ grade sheets for shaping plastic filler, removing paint around damaged areas and scratch refinement of bare metal. Built with patented 3M Cubitron™ II precision shaped abrasive grains, these sheet roll abrasives cut faster and last longer than other sandpapers.

These sheet rolls feature our unique kiss-cut scorring technology which enables users to be cleanly and easily converted into multiple sheet-lengths. For maximum dust removal, 3M has added hundreds of small holes which have been purposely arranged in a chevron formation.

The triangular-shaped ceramic grains of Cubitron™ II are electrostatically oriented to form sharp peaks, each acting like an individual cutting tool that slices through paint and body filler, wearing evenly, and providing long life.

70 mm x 12 m


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Weight 0.68 lbs
Dimensions 17.15 × 17.15 × 7.62 in

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