CARWORX 134.855
Foam Masking Tape (13mm X 50m)

Use for covering openings, doors, hoods, truck lids. For perfectly sealing gaps and holes.

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Weight3.48 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 7 in


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    RBL 19S

    Part Number: RBL19S Description: ALCOHOL WIPES 100 PRESATURATED WIPES TO DISINFECT & SANITIZE SURFACES Purchased in Case Quantities Only (6 Canisters to a Case) 85% Isopropyl Alcohol 15% DI Water Disinfects & Sanitizes Viruses, Germs, Bacteria On Surfaces That Can Lead to Illness Industrial Strong. Gentle To The Touch Perfect for Home, Office, Shops, Cars, Dorms, Gyms, Bathrooms, Restaurants, etc. Container Includes: 100 ct. 6” x 9” wipes US Patented recloseable lid with stainless steel spring Multi-layer film pouch 45 GSM non woven poly blend wiper

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    Epoxy Primer

    DURAFIL EP-120
    Epoxy-Fil Grey Epoxy Primer

    EPOXY-FIL EP-120 is a premium quality, chromate free, Low VOC epoxy primer. EPOXY-FIL primers have been formulated with premium ingredients and direct to metal technology to provide you with the ultimate performance. These two component, primers are zinc oxide and zinc phosphate based and are available in gray, white and black. EP-120 primers are corrosion inhabitable primers that can be applied wet-on-wet directly to properly prepared bare metal, aluminum, cured paint, fibreglass, bodyfillers, sanded original and SMC surfaces. These versatile primers offer a high film build, excellent anti-corrosion, sag resistance, adhesion, leavelling, and sanding properties with excellent colour  hold out! EPOXY-FIL  offer excellent adhesion and corrosion protection, resulting in a smooth and durable finsh every time!

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    CARWORX 135.693
    Seam & Joint Sealer- White (300ML)

    Paintable in 30 minutes. Permanently flexible with no shrinkage. Withstands salt water and most solvents

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    6" Velcro Sandpaper

    NORTON 07773

    Norton Multi-Air Cyclonic is perfect for refinishing any job, especially those that require an extremely durable abrasive that cuts quicker, cuts cooler, and lasts longer without generating heat. Our engineered ceramic grain is the perfect abrasive for any job, including those with scratch-resistant clears and E-coats, composites and aluminum. Its versatility eliminates the need for additional specialty abrasives.


    • Norton SG ceramic grain for quicker/cooler cut with better longevity for superior cut on abrasion-resistant paints and clears

    • Unique fiber-reinforced latex/paper backing is flexible and has easy removal with maximum tear resistance for increased durability

    • Water-based stearate (No-Fil) improves load resistance and extends life

    • Norton patented Multi-Air Cyclonic hole pattern provides enhanced dust extraction

    Box/50 Discs

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    Painter Supplies

    3M 01100
    Orange Foam Earplugs

    • One size fits most
    • Dielectric design suitable for all workplaces
    • Bright orange for compliance sighting
    • Tapered shape fits the ear canal comfortably
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    3M 07480
    2″ Crs Brown Roloc 25/Bx 4/Cs

    Use for cleaning and finishing on all metals for removal of light rust, oxides and coatings.

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    Mig Weld Aerosol Primer

    Etch-Weld Primer

    A superior etching primer for coating all bare metal parts before welding or painting. It dries quickly and works with mig or spot welders. Reduces weld splatter and burn-away when welding.

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