NORTON 31054
4″ Blaze Rapid Strip Discs TR

Norton Blaze Rapid Strip TR+ Disc 4″ X 1/2″
Norton Blaze Rapid Strip discs are constructed with thick, strong synthetic fibers and extra-coarse ceramic alumina abrasive. The open web construction of the disc provides fast cutting action with very little loading. Safer than wire bristle tools, Norton Blaze Rapid Strip aggressively removes rust and paint from drip moldings, pinch welds, door jambs, seams and other difficult to reach areas. The TR+ attachment system allows for rugged cleaning in tight areas.

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Weight1.78 lbs
Dimensions7 × 5 × 5 in


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    6" Velcro Sandpaper

    NORTON 07770

    Norton Multi-Air Cyclonic is perfect for refinishing any job, especially those that require an extremely durable abrasive that cuts quicker, cuts cooler, and lasts longer without generating heat. Our engineered ceramic grain is the perfect abrasive for any job, including those with scratch-resistant clears and E-coats, composites and aluminum. Its versatility eliminates the need for additional specialty abrasives.


    • Norton SG ceramic grain for quicker/cooler cut with better longevity for superior cut on abrasion-resistant paints and clears

    • Unique fiber-reinforced latex/paper backing is flexible and has easy removal with maximum tear resistance for increased durability

    • Water-based stearate (No-Fil) improves load resistance and extends life

    • Norton patented Multi-Air Cyclonic hole pattern provides enhanced dust extraction

    Box/50 Discs

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    PPS Systems

    SATA 1010389

    SATA® RPS™ – The disposable cup system for mixing and painting

    SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) is the ideal cup system for shops focusing on perfect finishes and high profitability.

    One cup – four functions

    • mix paint
    • paint
    • refill the paint
    • store the paint


    With only three components!

    SATA RPS consists of 3 components only which means less handling efforts and thus, less expenditure of time.

    • a cup
    • a lid
    • a sieve


    No additional components are necessary. There is no other cup system with the same functions but with three components only!


    The cleaning of the cup is not necessary with SATA RPS, thus saving time, cleaning agents and cost. Perfect colour match and perfect paint jobs reduce time and cost intensive rework. And the very few components additionally facilitate the entire work process – simplicity pays.


    Contrary to other disposable cup systems, SATA RPS does not require any adapter in combination with SATA paint spray guns. Therefore, the spray gun can be easily and reliably cleaned. RPS adapters – For older SATA paint spray guns and spray guns of other manufactures spray gun adapters are available.

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    2K Acrylic Urethane Primer Surfacer Activator

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    Trim Masking Tape

    • Easy to apply and removes cleanly
    • Two plastic strips for easy handling
    • No release liner for faster installation and less waste
    • Pre-folded edge allows ease of removal
    • Two sizes in one!
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    Adhesive Tape

    BETASEAL U-418
    Windshield Urethane

    BETASEAL™ U-418 speeds installations – eliminates the glass priming step. BETASEAL U-418 provides primerlessto-glass convenience with excellent workability, sag resistance and convenient drive-away times. BETASEAL U-418 is easy to use and does not require heating. It is available in cartridges. Product benefits include: Primerless to auto glass FMVSS crash proven Meets all long-term durability requirements Ready to use – no heating required Applications Structurally bonded or direct glazed automotive glass, such as windshields, backlites, quarter glass and other stationary glass Other uses such as attaching hardware to glass and backfilling to install reveal moldings or other trim BETASEAL U-418 Quick Cure Auto Glass Urethane Adhesive Application details See vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for additional details. Do not use any other manufacturers’ primers, cleaners or other chemicals in conjunction with any BETASEAL adhesive system Apply at temperatures of 40˚F (4.4˚C) and warmer Physical properties Appearance – black, smooth paste Solids content – 94% Flash point – > 110˚F (43˚C) Weight per volume – 10.1 lbs/gal Specific gravity – 1.2 Sag – none Odor – minimal Tack-free time – 25 minutes after application at 72˚F (22˚C) and 50% RH Working time – 15 minutes at 72˚F (22˚C) and 50% RH Full cure – less than 24 hours at 72˚F (22˚C) and 50% RH

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    CARWORX 190.101
    Bullet Clear (Gallon)


    Carworx 2.1 VOC Bullet is a high production clearcoat system developed for spot repair and one panel repair. This 4:1 mix clearcoat is a 3 coat system that can be sanded and buffed in 20-25 minutes air dry or baked for 5 minutes at 130°F(54.4°C) metal temperature.

    It is a 4:1 mix withActivator (#191.101)

    Applied in 3 light coats wet-on-wet with no flash times between coats.

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    Polishing Pads & Compounds

    3M 05723
    Perfect Foam Polishing Pad

    Coarse foam compounding pad used to apply compound to remove sanding scratches and swirls. Medium cut. Convoluted foam face design holds compounds better to reduce slinging of compound. Suggested for use with Perfect-It™ Rubbing Compound (39060, 06085, 06086). Use backup pads 05717 or 05718.

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    Polishing Pads & Compounds

    PRESTA 131905
    Ultra Cutting Cream

    • Removes coarse through fine sand scratches on cured and fresh paint
    • Produces good gloss on all automotive coatings
    • Restores gloss to marine coatings and gelcoats
    • Contains no waxes or silicones
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