NORTON 31481
6″ P80B PSA A275 Champagne Discs

Champagne Magnum is sand paper technology at it’s best. It cuts faster, runs cooler, resists loading better and lasts far longer than any conventional sandpaper.


  • Premium heat-treated grain extends life and gives a 30 – 50% faster cut rate
  • Premium B-Weight latex paper backing improves performance, is more flexible and easier disc removal
  • FEPA P-graded grain achieves a more consistent uniform scratch pattern
  • Re-designed bond system optimizes grain adhesion and extends cut life
  • Newest water based stearate No-Fil improves load resistance
  • No pigment in No-Fil or bond eliminates the risk of color transfer and creates a much stronger bond


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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 3 × 3 in


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    Car Polishing Pads and Compounds

    CARWORX 140.585
    Soft Interface Pad 10MM

    • Soft foam interface conforms to contours leaving a finer finish
    • Constructed from soft durable foam, allowing to minimize burn through
    • May be used with both dust free and non-dust free discs
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    Adhesive Tape

    3M 09678
    Soft Edge Mask Foam Tape 13Mmx55M

    • Helps avoid hard paint lines in the jamb areas
    • Adhesive is repositionable
    • Ideal for jamb masking and sealing other areas during painting
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    Painter Supplies

    FSB 50100
    Pump & Spray Premium

    • Wax & grease remover
    • Brake & parts cleaners
    • Decreasing & cleaning agents
    • Surface coatings
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    Booth Filters

    TAFF AF813


    ANDREAE Standard Filters are used in the exhaust of paint booths for over-spray collection.

    The front V-shaped wall prevents over-spray bounce back and migration. The deeper V-shape of the back wall is the paint holding pocket.

    The exhaust holes are misaligned to divert the paint laden airflow to the holding pocket, where the paint is captured, while maintaining a constant flow during the loading phase.


    • Lasts 3 x 5 times longer than poly, fiberglass or mesh media

    • Captures any wet solid or liquid particles

    • Standard & high efficiency options

    • V shape wall prevents over spray and bounce back migration

    • Easy to cut, replace and install

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    9" X 11" Auto Sandpaper

    NORTON 31623
    P500B A275 Magnum Sheets (9X11 Sheet)

    For dry sanding old paint, primer, primer surfacer, and
    between-color coats; also for deburring, removing sand
    scratches, shaping and finishing plastic filler, and featheredging
    repaired areas. Special No-Fil coating prevents
    premature loading. Can be cut into halves or thirds to fit neatly on jitterbug sanders.

    100 discs per package. Price per package.

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    Painter Supplies

    FBS 60403
    X-Large Shoot Suit

    ProPlus Premium Coveralls – Blue (XL)

    FBS (Finding Better Soltions)

    Cool and Durable Nylon, Protective Hood, Heavy Duty Zipper, Antistatically Treated.

    Large Back Pocket, Lint Free, Lightweight & Washable, Elastic Waist.

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    3M 07447
    Maroon Scotch-Brite

    For scuffing before applying paint and primer-surfacer. Also used for used car reconditioning. cleaning upholstery, headlines and door pads, chrome and white wall tires. Rinses clean and does not rust. Can be used over and over again.

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    Adhesive Tape

    BETASEAL U-418
    Windshield Urethane

    BETASEAL™ U-418 speeds installations – eliminates the glass priming step. BETASEAL U-418 provides primerlessto-glass convenience with excellent workability, sag resistance and convenient drive-away times. BETASEAL U-418 is easy to use and does not require heating. It is available in cartridges. Product benefits include: Primerless to auto glass FMVSS crash proven Meets all long-term durability requirements Ready to use – no heating required Applications Structurally bonded or direct glazed automotive glass, such as windshields, backlites, quarter glass and other stationary glass Other uses such as attaching hardware to glass and backfilling to install reveal moldings or other trim BETASEAL U-418 Quick Cure Auto Glass Urethane Adhesive Application details See vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for additional details. Do not use any other manufacturers’ primers, cleaners or other chemicals in conjunction with any BETASEAL adhesive system Apply at temperatures of 40˚F (4.4˚C) and warmer Physical properties Appearance – black, smooth paste Solids content – 94% Flash point – > 110˚F (43˚C) Weight per volume – 10.1 lbs/gal Specific gravity – 1.2 Sag – none Odor – minimal Tack-free time – 25 minutes after application at 72˚F (22˚C) and 50% RH Working time – 15 minutes at 72˚F (22˚C) and 50% RH Full cure – less than 24 hours at 72˚F (22˚C) and 50% RH

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